Are you ready to dominate your market in Google Shopping?

If you’re like most E-commerce store owners I know you tentatively tried Google Shopping and then it grew into something of interest.

Back when, someone suggested you create a product feed – you took a leap and suddenly you had a new marketing channel.

One day you found out it wasn’t going to be the walk in the park you imagined…

The reality hit you that you could be doing a lot more revenue in Google Shopping.

But despite hope the monthly revenue is consistently level.

A successful Google Shopping Campaign is more than just ticking the boxes. You must optimise in three key areas to open up the full traffic potential of the Google Shopping Platform.

But without a roadmap it’s bloody hard.

You must wear many hats. Product Title Writer, Image Selector, XML Feed Expert, Keyword Structure Building, Product ID Bidder and constant Seminar Attendee(!!).

When I fumbled into Google Shopping 5 years ago, I was a complete idiot.

I just thought I could stick a product feed online and tweak some product titles and my clients would get rich.

I wasted a lot of time, money and eventually saw that I needed to hunt down the best Google Shopping Campaigns out there and reverse engineer their success.

Ultimately the e-commerce businesses that I have  worked with from small concerns to market dominators today are some of the household online brands you buy from every month.

Through trial and many failures this is what I  worked out:

  • Artificial Intelligence is a rocket booster, but also used in the wrong places will happily reduce your bank balance.
  • Product Feed Optimisation hardly anyone does and is a massive area of potential.
  • The best campaign structure is complicated and it needs scripting to run.
  • Different promotional strategies work completely differently for the three types of e-commerce businesses.
  • There is no one size fits all, which is why ‘best practise’ Google Shopping blogs can be dangerous.

If a Google Shopping Channel masters these factors they build a predictable, stable, incremental business.

And they build a business that is fun to come to work in again.

Otherwise, why bother?

Over the past 5 years I’ve been helping e-commerce  stores and their owners of all markets master this framework and then scale.

So, if you’re looking for a ‘been there and done that’ blueprint which will help you grow online and serve  your goals then you’re in the right place.

Step one is to book a 15 minute ‘Google Shopping triage’ call with me, where we will uncover which of the three types  of e-commerce business you run and real opportunities you have with Google Shopping.  This e-commerce ‘type’ methodology I  have used  as a basis to scale businesses to 7, 8 and  even 9 figures.